Let's be honest.

If you're like me- I like to see all of my options before I make a decision on something so big. You have a lot of options in this area for this industry. It can be overwhelming. How do you pick a photographer? Style? Investment? Prop selection? Personality? Quantity over Quality? Specialization? It's a lot. I know.

I only want to be your photographer if we fit together. How do we know if that's the case?

Does my work fit your vision for what you want to hang on your wall? Do you like the hand picked selection of high end colors, props, & textures I have to offer? Are you okay with a quality experience over quantity of images? Do I specialize in what you want to be photographed? Are you willing to let a creative person be creative? Are you willing to invest in this photographer who will give you 1000% all the way to the end?

Yes? Then we totally fit! Let's do this together.

COVID-19 Precautions

The world has changed in such a short time. Many of these precautions we took before COVID-19. However we have added a couple new ones. Please know that we take every precaution before, during, & after our sessions to make sure our clients & our family is safe.

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“Photography is the beauty of life captured”