Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is ideal for a newborn session? What happens if my baby is over the ideal age?

7 to 21 days of life. However if your baby is beyond 21 days and under 5 weeks we can pivot the session into a wrapped but equally beautiful session. The longer newborns are alive the more awake they become and more stretched out and used to being outside of the womb. We like to capitalize on them being super young so we can get them into the adorable curled up poses that you envision.

When should I book my newborn session?

The ideal time to book your newborn session is while you’re still pregnant. I give those clients priority because they have already filled out their contract and paid their retainer. However I do try to squeeze in newborns that haven’t booked yet if there’s an opening.

What happens if my baby doesn’t want to go into a specific pose?

All of my sessions are baby led. I never try to force a baby to go into a specific pose. Some babies prefer to be wrapped as well. I conduct my sessions based on what baby likes to do.

Do I need to being anything to my session?

My studio is fully stocked with everything that we will need. You only need to bring your baby and milk.

What happens if I am late to my session?

I always count on new parents being late to their session. It’s okay! Just let me know that you’re on your way and we will get started as soon as you get here.

My baby hates to be wrapped. How can we incorporate wrapped poses that I love?

Your baby likely doesn’t hate to be wrapped. Newborns are used to being curled up. A lot of times babies like to have a hand free and will protest until they get their hand free. That’s okay. We can work with that!

How can we incorporate my other child/children?

Based on the package that you have booked- your other child or children are welcome to join in. We will plan based on their age of course. Your newborn will always be wrapped for their safety.

Can we bring something sentimental to incorporate?

Yes. I do ask to see it ahead of time so that I can come up with a way to add it into our session. I do ask to limit it to one item.

Who picks out what props and backdrops are used?

When planning your session I will ask you for your color preferences and have you go onto my social media and send me what you love of my work. However if you want to be more involved (and haven’t had your baby yet) then we can set up an appointment for you to come into the studio and pick out what you would like to use.

How long does it take to get my pictures back?

My turnaround time is between 2-3 weeks. I always shoot for 2 weeks but sometimes life gets in the way as a busy mom and caregiver that it ends up being 3 weeks. I always post or send a sneak peek after the session to hold you over until I can deliver your gallery to you.

Do I get to pick the pictures to be edited?

I shoot every session with specific shots and angles in mind to complete your gallery. Those shots are extremely consistent with my work which is why you’ve hired me. It also allows the session to be shorter, and allows the turnaround time to be shorter as well.